Il Brunello

Sangiovese Grosso vine is the basis of Brunello, so famous to become a brand itself: the colour is clear, bright garnet; at the nose it is intense, persistent, with undergrowth hints, aromatic wood: at the palate it has an harmonious body, vigorous and elegant. Brunello di Montalcino’s quality arises in vineyard, thanks to a painstaking manual labor, from pruning to the choice of the most suitable bud, from vegetative containment to bunches thinning, in order to produce and select only the best fruit. The name “Brunello” was given locally in Montalcino to what was believed to be a variety of grape. In 1879, the Ampelographic Commission determined that Sangiovese and Brunello were the same variety grape. Thus the name “Brunello” became vine’s name as well as wine designation, produced in purity from Sangiovese Grosso grapes.