Arista “Drunk Pig” with white grapes


A piece of Pork Loin Pork (weigh: about 1.5 / 2.0 Kg.)

​1 bottle of Vermentino di Monterufoli

400 gr. of shallots

1 Kg of White Grapes

200 gr. of Lard with Aromas

Sage, Rosemary, salt and pepper

Extra virgin olive oil.




Esecuzione della ricetta​​​​​​​​​​​

Proceed with the preparation first marinating pork loin with Vermentino di Monterufoli white wine from the day before, cut shallots in two, fresh sprigs of sage, rosemary and about 700 grams of white grapes (cut the berries in two and depriving them of seeds), then season the meat with salt and pepper, taking care to cut the outer fat cover with cuts in order to obtain more flavorful meat.

In a large baking pan lay the loin, shallots, grapes and fine chopped sage and rosemary, few slices of Cinta Senese lard, sprinkling everything with a thread of E.V.O. and start to bake at 180 °C for about an hour.

When the meat will be well browned over the entire surface, add the whole grapes and occasionally sprinkle with the wine used for marinating. Keep the cooked loin and the whole grapes in warm.

Blend all cooking mixture ingredients in the mixer to obtain a sufficiently fluid sauce; once filtered, you can thicken on the fire with a flake of butter and flour. Season with salt and pepper and cover the slices of Arista with hot sauce, once boned and placed on the serving dish. Garnish the dish with whole grape berries and fresh rosemary and serve on the table. ​