Wild Boar alla Cacciatora


Stalk of celery

​Two small carrots

Three red onions

Three cloves of whole garlic

Sage leaves


Bay leaves

Black peppercorns

Few juniper berries

Red wine





Wash the wild boar well, cut it into pieces of 6-7 cm on each side and marinate it overnight with a stalk of celery, two small carrots, two or three red onions, a few cloves of whole garlic, sage leaves, rosemary, bay leaves, black peppercorns and a few juniper berries, all of which is combined with fairly robust red wine.

In the morning, drain the wild boar and the smells of the marinade liquid, make a mixture of celery, carrot, onion and brown the wild boar stew for 15 minutes on high heat.

Then lower the heat, sprinkle generously with red wine and once this has reduced, add the tomato and cook slowly until the meats are soft.

At the end of cooking add the black olives dried in the oven, add any salt, pepper and spicy red chilli to your liking and finish cooking.