Pici with bread crumbs, crispy bacon and artichokes


​For Pici Pasta​: 

​700 gr flour type 0 or durum wheat semolina

​1 large glass of water

2 tablespoons of E.V. ​Oil Fattoria del Cerro


fresh grated black pepper to taste

1 egg​




Pici pas​ta preparation

We sift the flour on a wooden pastry board, arranging it in a fountain in which we will add a glass of water, a pinch of salt and black pepper, two soup spoons of extra virgin olive oil and a whole egg.

Then we hard work the mixture, incorporating more flour if necessary, until we have a smooth, homogeneous and sufficiently elastic dough.

Let rest the dough in the refrigerator for about an hour and then proceed making “Pici”: remove a piece of dough, brush it with very little oil and work it on a pastry board, stretching it out gradually with a twisting motion, trying to thin it into large spaghetti (few millimeters 3/5 mm.).​​​


The stale bread crumbs, lightly toasted in olive oil, salt and black pepper, traditionally represent one of the humblest and simplest condiments with which you can season the pici.

Hence the idea of enriching this dish with seasoned pork cheek, browned in a pan, in which we will quickly cook artichokes after cleaning and cutting them into thin slices, perfuming everything with a little parsley or thinly chopped fresh thyme.

In this condiment so made we will skip our pici cooked al dente, finally joining the crumbs of bread toasted in extra virgin olive oil.