Tenuta di Monterufoli in Tuscany: close to Pisa and much more than a farmhouse

  • 25/01/2021

​An estate-farmhouse in the province of Pisa, surrounded by organic vegetable gardens and located inside a natural park. Tenuta di Monterufoli has the power to embody and go beyond, at the same time, the concept of farmhouse.

Tenuta di Monterufoli: much more than a farmhouse

This location maintains an indissoluble bond with the traditions of the territory, offering its visitors everything that in the common imagination is associated with the dream of a regenerating holiday in the Tuscan countryside. On the other hand, it amazes them by revealing itself as an ideal place for well-being. Surrounded by over a thousand hectares of uncontaminated nature, secular trees and a myriad of thermal springs, guests have the rare and precious opportunity to take a break from their routine, to regain their time and regenerate physically and mentally.

We asked Gabriele Macelloni, agronomist of Tenute del Cerro, to tell us what are the characteristics that make Monterufoli the heavenly reality that we have just described.

Monterufoli natural reserve

Located on the southern part of the province of Pisa, on the ridge where Val di Cornia opens to the south and Val di Cecina to the north, the estate is a few kilometers far from the Etruscan Coast, half an hour's drive from the nearest beach resorts. Its territory covers an area of 1,030 hectares, inside the Monterufoli Nature Reserve, with hills between 150 and 500 meters above sea level.

In this splendid landscape there are numerous naturalistic itineraries, to be covered on foot or by renting an e-bike, which offer fantastic view and links to the traditions of the territory, rich in minerals. The remains of the lignite and magnesite mines and the old chalcedony quarries known since ancient times for the execution of mosaics bear witness to this.

The buildings 

Monterufoli estate consists of three distinct buildings: the main house called “Miniera”, the “Scuderie” and the “Casa delle Guardie”. The “Miniera” has 9 rooms, a suite and an apartment with independent entrance; the Scuderie and the “Casa delle Guardie" are composed of 6 apartments in Tuscan style, completely independent and with a magnificent view over the valley. At guests disposal there is a restaurant, a swimming pool, a multipurpose sports field and a wine shop with tasting room.

"Miniera" has been recently renovated. In the dining room, you can admire photos that trace the main stages of the history of the Monterufoli mine called the "Podernuovo". At the moment, other works are underway on the ground floor for the creation of a room of over 100 meters to be used for meetings and corporate events, or to host Yoga groups looking for a place in close contact with nature where they can also practice in the coldest months of the year.

Monterufoli wine production

The historical building rises in the same site where once an old mine site of magnesite And lignite was located, where the subjects of Count Ugolino della Gherardesca lived, the famous character of Dante's Divine Comedy, ancient lord of these places. The wine production is: “Poggio Miniera” Val di Cornia Rosso DOCG and Verme​ntino di Toscana. All the wine produced in Monterufoli, starting from 2021, will be organic: to underline the philosophy of a location where everything is uncontaminated: from the nature that sets the scene to the food and wine aspects. Our Chef, for example, uses only vegetables from the organic farm garden.

Guests have the opportunity to book a complete tasting of Monterufoli production and an off-road visit to the chalcedony mines​



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