​This page describes how the Website is managed as regards the use of Cookies and other tracking tools, as well as the related processing of personal data of the Users who consult it.

Please refer to the Privacy Policy​ of our Website, in order to find out about the Data Controller, the purposes, methods and legal basis of the processing, the categories of personal data involved, the possible categories of recipients of personal data disclosures, the retention terms, as well as Users' rights as data subjects.

What are cookies and other tracking tools?

Cookies are small text strings - which may include personal data (e.g., IP address, username, email address) and technical information (e.g., language settings, type of device) - that visited websites send to the user's terminal (personal computer or mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone), where they are stored (e.g., in the browser's memory) and then retransmitted to the same websites on the next visit. Cookies are used to perform functions such as computer authentication, session monitoring and storage of information about websites (without the use of cookies some operations would be very complex or impossible to perform), also as regards the identification of preferences based on the browsing experience. When browsing a website, Users may also receive cookies on their terminal equipment that are managed and sent by different websites or web servers (so-called "third parties"), on which some elements (such as, for example, images, maps, sounds, specific links to pages of other domains) present on the Website that said User is visiting may reside.

There are also other tracking tools (e.g., so called "Fingerprinting', "Pixel Tag", "Plug-in") which, although using a different technology, enable processing similar to that carried out by means of cookies and achieve the same results. These tools, unlike Cookies, do not store information on the User's device and cannot be removed directly by the User via the browser settings; it is therefore necessary that Users make use of the right to cancel the authorisation to use them via the functions made available on the Website by the Data Controller in order to review their choices.

Possible classifications of other tracking tools

In general, these tools can be classified by:

  • Type of instrument

    • Cookies (active identifiers)

    • Other tracking tools (passive identifiers)

  • Origin

    • First Party (or "Publisher", i.e., the operator of the Website that the User is visiting)

    • Third Party (operator of a different website that installs Cookies through the First Party's website)

  • Term

    • Session (temporary, they are deleted when the browser is closed or, if applicable, when the logout command is executed)

    • Permanent (they remain active until their expiry date or cancellation by the User)

  • Aims pursued

    • Technical purposes (relating to the operation of the Website)

    • Non-technical purposes (such as the User's browsing profile)


Cookies used on our website


Technical Cookies allow for effortless use of the Website and an easier retrieval of information by simplifying the connection and transmission of data between the User and the Website.

We use Technical Browsing Cookies on our Website, which are strictly necessary as they ensure the normal browsing and proper functioning of the Website (e.g., authentication for access to restricted areas; to distribute incoming data traffic on the website to different servers in order to optimise response times), enabling Users to take advantage of the services offered (e.g., booking a holiday experience).

Without the use of these cookies, some services on the Website may not be accessible, displayed correctly or may function sub-optimally.

We also use functionality, preference and location cookies that enable Users to change the behaviour and appearance of the Website (e.g., preferred language, text or font size, geographical location), the absence of which does not affect Users' ability to browse the Website, but does make it less efficient and functional.

Session and persistent cookies belong to the category of technical cookies.

The User's prior consent is not required for the installation of technical cookies.

Please also note that you can block cookies at any time through your browser settings; however, if you set your device to reject these cookies, some of the Website's services may not be displayed correctly or may not function optimally, especially operations to identify Users and maintain their identification within the session may be more complex to perform and less secure in the absence of Technical Cookies.


We use ANALYTICS COOKIES - i.e., cookies that are installed, amongst other uses, in order to assess the effectiveness of a service, to measure the traffic (determining the number of visitors, possibly broken down by geographical area or other features) of the Website or its most visited areas (for statistical purposes), to improve its content or facilitate its use by Users, to carry out analyses to facilitate the use of the Website by Users, also with a view to the user experience. 

Considering that the use of these cookies does not directly identify the data subject (given that the information collected by these cookies is used in an aggregated and, therefore, anonymous manner), these cookies are comparable to the type of technical cookies and, therefore, do not require prior consent.

Please also be informed that these cookies are our own and also managed by third parties and that they are persistent cookies, as they remain active until their expiry date or deletion by the User.

Please also be informed that personal data collected through the use of cookies will not be disseminated.


The legal basis for the processing of data collected on our website through the use of cookies with a technical function is the legitimate interest of the company.


The information stored in cookies is used exclusively by our company.



Category typeSpecific purposeOriginNameTermThird-Part Policy and Consent
TechnicalContains a copy of the Experience Cloud ID (ECID) or MID. The MID is stored in a key/value pair with s_ecid=MCMID syntax used by the Adobe Analytics platformFirst partys_ecid2 years
TechnicalThis cookie is set and read by the JavaScript code to determine if cookies are enabled (set to "True") used by the Adobe Analytics platformFirst partys_ccsession
Category typeSpecific purposeOriginNameTermThird-Part Policy and Consent
TechnicalThe cookie contains a set of information (session start and end timestamps, anonymous unique identifier, information on the number of pages visited in the current session, information on the number of sessions carried out by the current user) used by the Tealium IQ platformFirst Partyutag_main1 year 

Category typeSpecific purposeOriginNameTermThird-Part Policy and Consent
TechnicalThe _ga cookie is a cookie that counts the number of visits to the website and therefore reveals its effectiveness. third party_ga2 years
TechnicalThe _gid cookie is a session identification cookie.third party_gid24 hours
TechnicalThe _gat cookie is a cookie used to limit requests.third party_gat1 minute
TechnicalIf present, it contains a token used to retrieve the Client ID from the AMP Client ID service.third partyAMP_TOKEN1 year
Category typeSpecific purposeOriginNameTermThird-Part Policy and Consent
TechnicalUsed by Sharepoint to keep track of FullScreen modeFirst PartyWSS_FullScreenModesession 
TechnicalUsed by Sharepoint to keep track of search results when using the search engineFirst PartySearchSessionsession 
TechnicalUsed by sharepoint to keep track of the current sessionFirst PartyMY_COOKIEsession 
TechnicalUsed by Sharepoint to keep track of currently set language preferencesFirst PartyTS****_aesession 


In this section, you will find information on how to disable cookies in your browser.

Please note that, if you disable cookies, some parts of the Website may not function properly. If your browser is not listed below, please consult your browser's Cookie Management instructions.

Internet Explorer version 6 or later version

Select "Tools" in your browser bar

Select "Internet Options"

Select the "Privacy" item and then click on "Advanced"

Select "Replace automatic cookie handling"

Deactivate "Cookies from displayed websites" by selecting "Block"

Deactivate "Third-party cookies" by selecting "Block"

Deactivate "Session cookies" by unticking "Always accept session cookies"

Click on "OK"

Firefox version 9 or later version

Select "Tools" in your browser bar

Select "Options"

Select the "Privacy" item

In the "History" section, select the "use custom settings" option from the drop-down menu

Deactivate cookies by unticking "Accept cookies from websites"

Click on "OK"

Google Chrome version 24 or later version

Select "Chrome Menu" in your browser bar

Select "settings"

Select "Show advanced settings"

In the "Privacy" section, click on "Content settings"

Disable all cookies by selecting "Prevent websites from setting data" and "Block third-party cookies and website data"

Click on "OK"​​​