Embarking on a "Truffle Hunt": Fattoria del Cerro's New Experience

  • 02/10/2023

​​​"Those who seek a truffle, find a treasure." Perhaps the saying wasn't exactly like that, but it's a good reinterpretation for those of you in Tuscany looking to go "truffle hunting" during your stay. In this region, just like in Umb​​​​ria, these highly prized underground mushrooms find the ideal humus to grow naturally. And Tenute del Cerro offers a new experience for all those who love nature and good food, seeking unique and unforgettable activities to enrich their vacation. You can experience the thrill of finding, smelling (and tasting!) one of the most precious fruits of the earth, strolling through ancient woods and guided by a trusted expert. 

Here's how it works: let the truffle hunt begin!


Truffle Hunting in Tuscany: the Fattoria del Cerro Experience

More and more people, during their stays and vacations, wish to accompany the discovery of a place with unique, intense, and exciting enotourism and gastronomic experiences that leave a lasting memory. Truffle hunting is one of them. 

Imagine this: you're immersed in the pristine and lush woods of the Sienese hills, surrounded by the scent and aromas of nature, far from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Here, accompanied by an expert guide, you'll venture into majestic oaks, beeches, and hazel groves and discover the trees under which truffles grow, their ideal habitat, curiosities, and all the secrets associated with this ancient practice. But above all, you can taste what you find and gather. This is the essence of the new experience offered by Fattoria del Cerro, a historic producer of Vino Nobile in Acquaviva

The activity, lasting about an hour, is designed for couples or small groups and takes place entirely within the Estate, which covers about 600 hectares of fields, elegant vine rows, and enchanting woods. Guests will be taken off-road by our expert truffle hunter to the truffle ground, accompanied by his four-legged best friend. In the company of the latter, with much patience, they will search for one of the most unique, mysterious, and precious products: after all, truffles grow in a restricted area of the estate's woods. If the "hunt" is successful, customers can choose to purchase the patiently found treasures or enjoy them directly for lunch or dinner at the Relais di Villa Grazianella restaurant, expertly prepared by the Chef, like in a Chianina tartare with egg yolk and truffle. 

It's important to specify that this activity is strictly dependent on the seasonality of this rare product. The types of truffles that can be found range from summer black truffles, also known as "scorzone," to the highly sought-after white truffle or "marzuolo," also known as "bianchetto".


Other Fattoria del Cerro Experiences

In short, the keyword is "experience." Tuscany, perhaps more than any other region in Italy, is capable of offering experiences for food and wine enthusiasts, with tastings, cooking classes, vineyard tours, and other nature-related activities. Fattoria del Cerro allows guests wishing to enrich their stay to experience various activities: such as visiting the vineyards surrounding the property on an e-bike or off-road vehicle! Or, for those who want to get "hands-on," you can take a cooking class with the Chef of Villa Grazianella to discover and savor the essence of Tuscan culinary tradition.


Have these experiences made you eager to set off? They are just the beginning to "taste" Tuscany and discover all its treasures, like the Vino Nobile di Montepulciano!