Raw of Chianina, dried tomatoes puree, olives, capers and flakes of raw milk pecorino cheese


For the Raw of Chianina

​400 gr of Lean Chianina beef IGP

Salt and black pepper

Lemon zest

EVO Oil ​​Fattoria del Cerro

For dried tomatoes purée

​150 gr dried organic tomatoes

​50 gr Taggiasca olives

30 gr capers in vinegar

​10 gr oregano

Salt and black pepper

EVO Oil​​ Fattoria del Cerro




Raw of Chianina Execution

For an excellent Tartare the most important thing is highest quality and freshness of the meat: the choice of lean and tender meat is fundamental. The selected meat is finely chopped with a knife: so because the meat won’t be overheated, thus remaining integral to its nutritional values.

In a separate bowl we prepare an emulsion with extra virgin olive oil, salt, black pepper and lemon zest with which we will season our Chianina tartare.


Dried Tomatoes Puree Execution

Wash dried tomatoes under cold running water, let them soak for ten minutes in lukewarm water, then drain from the water, dry and put them in the glass of a mixer with the pitted Taggiasca olives and capers, extra virgin olive oil, salt and black pepper.

We operate the mixer to reduce the mixture to a puree, flavoring it with the addition of lemon, oregano, spicy chili pepper or thyme.



Place dried tomato puree on the bottom of a serving dish, place the Raw Chianina and decorate with flakes of raw milk pecorino cheese, sprigs of fresh thyme or other aromatic herbs and lemon zest.​