Etruscan Range Wines

In 2014, Tenute del Cerro decided to build its own label line exclusively dedicated to modern retail market. A distinctive, effective and transversal concept is the base of that line, with respect to the different occasions of wine consumption.

From that concept, we defined a claim, which is the result of our thought "An authentic Italian emotion. From the heart of Italy, Tenute del Cerro offers to the world a unique range of wines that allow you to discover the most authentic italian joie de vivre”

In this synthesis is our mission: to preside and to highlight the origins of our products, the pleasure of an extraordinary quality based on the respect for tradition, a lifestyle which is the most envied in the world, the Italian one.

White labels with a graphic sign that resembles the Etruscan alphabet by declining it in a modern way: it translates the aim to identify our products immediately as an iconic and simple brand but meanwhile it is telling a long history. Our history.

The story of two great italian wine regions, but not only: Tuscany and Umbria are the heart of Italy, the cradle of Italian culture, for its art, architecture, landscapes and history.

Our white labels won many important prize not only for the intrinsic value of their design but also because they have confirmed us the effectiveness of a modern and courageous choice: from Wipped Cream 2014, to Type Directors Club Communication Design Competition 2015, Pentawards 2015, Red Dot Award Communication Design 2015, up to the ​Graphis Design Annual 2016.

But ultimately we prefer to believe that even great stories or great narratives can be condensed into a small label that can simplify articulated concepts with clear images. And so a story turns into emotion. An authentic Italian emotion.​