Wedding on a farm: some advice for choosing and organizing it

  • 23/07/2021

Wedding on a farm: the ideal location for nature and beauty lovers


The wedding day is one of the most important in life. For this reason, when you organize it and decide where to celebrate the reception, you are aware that everything must be perfect, from the setting up of the spaces to the mise en place, from the floral decorations to the arrangement of the tables, obviously passing through the menu. Every element must be carefully taken cared of, so as to create a day that is unforgettable, not only for the bride and groom, but also for all the relatives and friends who will take part. But how to choose the perfect location for the wedding

The possibilities are almost endless and the style and mood that you want to give to your special moment is very important. Between those who prefer a royal wedding, therefore opting for a classic and sumptuous reception, and those who dream of a glamorous and urban one, maybe on the rooftop of a hotel, in recent years there are more and more married couples who let themselves be enchanted by the idea of green wedding in a farmhouse. An experience to live the best day of your life in an intimate way, immersed in nature and away from the chaos of the city, in the name of the beauty of breathtaking views, unique environments and genuine, zero-kilometer products. 

Celebrating the reception of your wedding on a farm therefore responds to a trend that has become increasingly established recently, transforming these accommodation facilities into highly requested locations.


How to choose the location for the wedding: some aspects to consider

For all future spouses, the questions to ask are never too many: how big is the location? How far is it from the Church or from the City? How many rooms does it have? In case of bad weather what alternatives does it offer? There are many aspects to consider, so some suggestions may be useful to orient yourself.


Most of the time, the place of the actual wedding celebration and that of the reception are different. This is why we must try to reduce the distance between the two as much as possible and take into account the ease of access and the distance from any nearby accommodation for those who, after the party, would not have to worry about going home. An excellent alternative could be to chose for a unique location for the whole event that offers, for example, a chapel to be used for those wishing to celebrate a religious wedding, or a right place, such as a large room, for those who want a civil wedding.

Structure and style of the wedding

It is essential to take into account the spaces offered: does the location have both internal and external place? In fact, the weather factor is always an unknown: it is better to choose a place that offers, therefore, more possibilities, for the eventual "plan B". Finally, let's not forget the style, which must be reflected in a place capable of enhancing the taste of the couple and the theme of the event.


As we have said, marriage is a special day, which you want to spend with your loved ones in an intimate way. This is why it is also important to consider the privacy, exclusivity and time available, thus evaluating whether that same location can be rented for multiple events at the same time and if there are certain times to be respected or not for the duration of the reception.

Guests number

The number of guests greatly affects the type of wedding and the choice of location, to understand if it can be more or less suitable for the event you have in mind. It is therefore necessary to take into account the capacity of the room, an aspect more fundamental than ever in this last period considering the restrictions and the obligation to respect the safety distances, inserting, where possible, special signs for the movement of guests.


Does the location offer a restaurant service, or will it be necessary to rely on external catering? Does the staff take care of the decoration of the spaces, the assembly and the lighting? Are there “extra" services for guests, perhaps pre or post-wedding, such as tastings or aperitifs by the pool, open bar or entertainment for children? Caring of these details is essential: these services are the "added value" that can transform a wedding into an even more unique and unforgettable day.

Wedding on a farmhouse: why choose it?

Ideal destinations for a romantic weekend away from the city, today the farmhouses also offer well-organized structures for catering and functional and well-kept environments in which nature, the intimacy of the spaces and simplicity become the determining factors, making them perfect locations for events and for a wedding reception.

Wide spaces surrounded by nature

Choosing to organize a wedding on a farm means not having to worry about spaces, because the added value of this location lies in the width and variety of the spaces, which are generally both internal and external. In addition, the problem of parking for guests is eliminated, countryside and meadows are offered, where family and friends can relax and, above all, where children can have fun, obviously in controlled contexts. Just because they are surrounded by nature, the farmhouses also offer a suggestive atmosphere, making it possible to carry out the photo shoot on site, thus reducing the long waiting times before the arrival of the bride and groom and the beginning of lunch or dinner.

An intimate location

Privacy and time management, as we have said, are crucial aspects for a “peaceful" marriage. The farmhouse is therefore the ideal choice, because it is an exclusive location, where there is generally no time limit for the duration of the reception. Finally, having already available a certain number of rooms or apartments directly on site, the farmhouses allow family and friends to enjoy the celebrations without the worry of having to return home, especially when many guests are expected from outside the region.

Traditional and genuine menu

Marriage is conviviality, and what is more convivial than the moment of the meal? The choice of the menu is very important and the farmhouse guarantees genuine and authentic cuisine, in which all the flavors of tradition and the aromas of the territories emerge, highlighting excellent raw materials, often organic and locally sourced. In addition, wine is obviously a must to accompany the wedding lunch or dinner. By choosing the right farm, you can focus on real farms that provide a selection of wines of their own production. In this way, you can be sure that you are faced with authentic and high quality products: simplicity, especially when it comes to food and wine products, always pays off.

Balanced arrangements for those who love nature

Imagine the silence of the countryside, the gentle profile of the hills, surrounded by rows of cypresses or vineyards, or the lawn of English grass that caresses the perimeter of a swimming pool: choosing to celebrate a wedding on a farmhouse means embracing nature. And the settings should always take inspiration from nature, preferring a simple style, without sacrificing elegance, in which every element - from flowers to centerpieces, passing through the seats - creates a refined and romantic atmosphere.

Villa Grazianella, Tenuta di Monterufoli and Tenuta di Montecorona: three exceptional places for an unforgettable reception

As we have seen, for those who dream of a wedding in the name of harmony between the natural elements, the farmhouse is the ideal place. Just choose the right one, capable of guaranteeing competence, quality and experience, to make your day truly unique and special.

Relais Villa Grazianella - Fattoria del Cerro, between elegance and nature 

A chic and charming location: the Relais Villa Grazianella at Fattoria del Cerro, located in Acquaviva di Montepulciano, in the hills of Siena, is the ideal place for those who want to celebrate the most important day in their life in the name of elegance and nature. Among sunny fields, vineyards and majestic Turkey oaks, stands this imposing Villa which has 11 rooms - including 2 junior suites, all with air conditioning, heating, TV, minibar and Wi-Fi - that offer a splendid view of the wine estate. If you are looking for a truly exclusive event, there is the possibility of renting the entire Villa which boasts both an internal conference room perfect for hosting a reception, and a large outdoor area with swimming pool. The restaurant, thanks to the skilled hands of Chef Stefano Azzi, allows you to taste the flavors of a Tuscan cuisine with the best raw materials of the area for a zero-kilometer and genuine menu. Here you can organize a banquet for up to one hundred guests, taking advantage of "extra" services, such as a guided tour of the renowned winery with tasting directly in the cellar, a much appreciated experience, or an aperitif by the pool with live music, then sit in the garden for the dinner, perfect for summer evenings. After dinner, as the relatives of the couple are the only ones staying in the structure, an evening with music and an open bar. But the added value of the Relais Villa Grazianella is undoubtedly the small private chapel that allows you to celebrate the religious ceremony in the same place - for a few close friends.

The Monterufoli Estate, for a more rustic reception

A historic jewel set within a natural park: the Monterufoli Estate in Monteverdi Marittimo, not far from Pisa, is the perfect location for those looking for a reception in contact with the most authentic and wild nature. The Estate is made up of three separate buildings, with the new restaurant room and spaces dedicated to hospitality, all completely renovated.

Here you will find the main villa house "Miniera", which has 9 rooms, a suite and an apartment with independent entrance, the “Scuderie" and the “Casa delle Guardie", which instead have 6 Tuscan-style apartments, completely indipendent and with a magnificent view over the valley, for married couples who want to host their closest relatives and friends. There is also the opportunity to enjoy a refined aperitif by the pool.


In the heart of history and the Umbrian countryside: Montecorona estate

Tenuta di Montecorona is a perfect location to celebrate both weddings and receptions, in the name of the timeless elegance of the Umbrian countryside and ​a charming historic building. We are located in Umbertide, in a crucial point to reach the famous towns of Todi, Assisi and Perugia, surrounded by hectares of olive groves, where guests can stay at the splendid Badia founded by San Romualdo - at the foot of the ancient Camaldolese Hermitage that dominates the whole valley - which houses a farmhouse with 15 beds. The bride and groom who dream of a sophisticated and exclusive wedding, in a place that can truly welcome all the love and joy of this special moment away from the city, can only be enchanted by the Estate. It is a location surrounded by nature and absolute tranquility, but at the same time easily accessible from the main roads and with a large parking. For those who want a unique place for the great day, there is the possibility of celebrating the religious wedding in the Church, surrounded by ancient frescoes and under an ogival arch that introduces the beautiful Gothic apse characterized by slender and elegant lines. Alternatively, the suggestive Sala delle Erbe is the ideal place for a civil ceremony.

The inner courtyard of the Badia allows to host two events at the same time, while ensuring all the exclusivity and privacy that every married couple is looking for. All this in the name of authentic and genuine Umbrian cuisine offered by the "Abbazia di Montecorona" restaurant located inside the Abbey and managed by the well-known Samanta Girelli. The restaurant can accommodate up to 200 people - always in compliance with the anti Covid-19 spacing rules - but with the support of tensile structures mounted in the adjacent squares, it is possible to extend the capacity to 400 people, for those who do not want to give up a wedding in style.

Summer is undoubtedly the season for weddings, and choose to celebrate the most special day of one's life in a farmhouse - immersed in a nature reserve in Val di Cornia or surrounded by vineyards that produce fine wine excellences, such as Vino Nobile Montepulciano DOCG - is undoubtedly the perfect choice for lovers of nature and authentic experiences.​



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