Discovering 3 suggestive natural spas in Tuscany, between history and wellness

  • 07/10/2021

​Rolling hills, elegant rows of cypresses or vineyards, rivers of crystal clear waters, white roads that lead to ancient farmhouses or tiny churches immersed in the silence of the countryside, perched villages surrounded by fortified walls, artistic treasures wherever you look. Not to mention the excellent cuisine and excellent wines. In short, Tuscany is a wonderful region, to be discovered far and wide and, above all, in every season of the year. Because if in summer the earth lights up with a bright and sparkling gold and its beauties can be discovered thanks to the countless paths, in autumn the colors change and another face is revealed, devoted to tranquility and well-being. Tuscany, in fact, is the region that boasts the highest number of spa facilities in Italy, thanks to the presence of numerous deposits with water temperatures between 25° C and 54° C. Establishments that have been famous since ancient times and which, in addition to being suitable for the treatment of numerous pathologies, they are placed in natural contexts so suggestive that they are also good for the soul.


So let's discover three natural spas in Tuscany and where to stay to warm the body and regenerate the spirit.

Natural spas in Tuscany: 3 places of exceptional beauty

Thanks to its particular hydrogeological morphology, Tuscany is the region par excellence of wellness. There are several scientific studies that have highlighted the benefits of thermal waters on the body, ranging from a regenerative action for the skin to the treatment of real diseases. But why are they so special? These are underground waters that rise to the surface: during the journey, however, they bind to precious substances and keep them intact. It is precisely the salts and oligominerals they contain that make the difference, in addition to the temperature, which starts from 20 °C up to a maximum of 100 °C. Depending on the composition, therefore, thermal water can be suitable for treating various health problems: so let's see some tips for those looking for a regenerating break in view of the autumn and winter season.

Personal care: Chianciano Terme and Fattoria del Cerro

Surely you have heard of them, because they are among the most famous spas not only in Tuscany but in Italy. A place of excellence between the Valdichiana Senese and the Val d'Orcia, also chosen by Federico Fellini, here the spas combine with well-being, remise en forme and sport: all-round personal care. For those who want a stay not only relaxing, here they can benefit from the best spa treatments: the water that flows in this place is in fact particularly suitable for the treatment of the liver, gastrointestinal and musculoskeletal systems. This benefits were already known by the Etruscans and Romans, and among these we find: Holy water, at the base of a purifying and detoxifying hydropinic therapy that stimulates the metabolism; the cold Fucoli water, rich in calcium which regulates intestinal motility and helps prevent osteoporosis; Holy water, hypothermal, ideal for inhalations, which has an anti-inflammatory action; finally, that of Sillene, very hot, useful for balneotherapy and thermal muds. The establishment - consisting of the “Theia" pools and the “Sensory Spas" - offers treatments inspired by the four elements, air, water, earth and fire, to heal both body and spirit.

There are, of course, classic treatments, such as thermal baths or mud baths up to saunas, but also the most advanced ones, such as rooms for aromatherapy and that for music therapy. 

For those wishing to discover this magical place in full relaxation and in harmony with the surrounding nature, you can stay at the Relais Villa Grazianella of Fattoria del Cerro, located in Acquaviva, not far from Chianciano Terme. The estate is the largest private producer of Vino Nobile di Montepulciano and the eleven rooms available offer a splendid view of the vineyards. Guests can also take advantage of a discount card valid for one year with access to the Chianciano spa, as well as the possibility of a guided tour in the cellar, with a guided tasting of the Vino Nobile Montepulciano DOCG produced on the estate or a tour in bike through the vineyards, without missing a walk through the beautiful streets of Montepulciano, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

The ancient thermal baths of Bagno Vignoni and La Poderina estate

A place with the charm of yesteryear and unique in the world. Because no other village has a swimming pool, located in the central square of the Renaissance period, full of hot thermal water, 49 meters long and 29 meters wide, built exactly above the original source. Today the pool is no longer bathing, but just move a little to find a swimming pool that collects the thermal waters - where you can stop for free for a few hours of total relaxation - and obviously the exclusive establishments and wellness centers. Bagno Vignoni is, therefore, an unmissable destination, which is located a few steps away from San Quirico d'Orcia, a stop on the ancient Via Francigenain the heart of the splendid Val d'Orcia. From the pool-square, the water heads towards a limestone cliff and falls into the river, dividing into rivulets that form very suggestive waterfalls and concretions, while the wall hides four medieval mills carved into the rock, a unique hydraulic engineering work. type. This is the Parco dei Mulini, a place of exceptional beauty that can be freely visited thanks to a path that goes through the Mediterranean scrub. The thermal waters of Bagno Vignoni gush out at a temperature of about 52° C - among the hottest in the whole region - and are particularly suitable for the decontracting action, for the treatment of skin problems and diseases of the bone system, such as osteoporosis and arthritis, being rich in salts, calcium, iron carbonates, sodium and magnesium sulphates. 

Perfect to discover Bagno Vignoni, its spas and the suggestive hills of the Val d'Orcia, considered among the most beautiful in the world, the Poderina is the place to stop for a break and from there set out to discover the treasures of the area. Located in Montalcino, in the Castelnuovo dell'Abate area, this estate offers two apartments of 50 square meters, immersed in an agricultural landscape that will leave you breathless. After a regenerating bath in the hot thermal waters of Bagno Vignoni, guests can continue to relax at the estate, perhaps enjoying a tasting of the area's excellent wines, such as Rosso or Brunello di Montalcino or the “almost" forgotten Moscadello di Montalcino.

A journey through history: Calidario Terme and Monterufoli Estate

In Venturina Terme, in the province of Livorno, there are the thermal baths of Calidario. The geographical position of these ancient thermal springs is particularly appreciated by tourists, because it is here that three of the most renowned historical-naturalistic areas of the region meet: what is called the "Etruscan Coast", the Val di Cornia and the Maremma. This place, therefore, is not just about well-being: it is in fact also witness to an ancient history, because first the Etruscans, then the Romans, had well understood the therapeutic benefits of the waters and vapors of the Calidario Natural Spring, which creates one of the most important lakes in Europe for its size, with an area of about 3,000 square meters. The waters of this historic spring flow at a constant temperature of 36 degrees directly from the bottom of the lake: it is an underground flow that is enriched by the calcareous rocks with minerals that are beneficial for skin and bones, with an average flow rate of about 12,000 liters per minute. thus ensuring a constant and natural replacement. In addition to the opportunity to immerse yourself in these millenary waters, the Calidario also offers the Thermarium, a real path - including sauna, Turkish bath, sensory showers and much more - in the evocative setting of the SPA. 

A totally immersive experience - in wellness but also over time - like the one offered by these spas also requires a stop in a place that is equally fascinating and full of history. The perfect place is the ancient Monterufoli Estate, in Monteverdi Marittimo, not far from Pisa. Spread over a thousand hectares and set in a marvelous natural park, between rolling hills and lignite and magnesite mines, here stands this structure historically linked to Count Ugolino della Gherardesca, a famous Dante character. It is a place that combines unspoiled and wild nature, historical and cultural richness, as well as of course a relaxing stay, with the opportunity to enjoy the most authentic flavors that the territory offers, such as the Vermentino di Toscana IGT or the "Poggio Miniera" Val di Cornia red DOCG, also thanks to a tasting of the fine wines from the cellar. Today the Monterufol​i estate has been renovated with a fully heated breakfast room, which allows you to stay even in autumn and winter, and then go to the discovery of a new Tuscany in a period that knows how to give great emotions.


Have you already planned your next weekend at the spa?​



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