Tuscany on the road: 4 fabulous routes to do by motorbike

  • 25/02/2022

​​When we talk about Tuscany, it is easy to immediately think of its streets which, curve after curve, run along beautiful hills that in summer are tinged with brilliant gold, among majestic cypresses, elegant rows of olive trees or vineyards, as in Val d 'Orcia. Or again, the roads along the Tyrrhenian coast, with beaches and cliffs, or those on the Apennine ridge, crossing passes and woods with an ancient and mysterious charm. From Lunigiana to Maremma, from the hills of Chianti to Val di Cecina: the variety of unforgettable landscapes and panoramas make Tuscany the ideal region for those who love traveling on two wheels. This is what we will do together, on a road trip to discover Tuscany by motorbike thanks to 4 itineraries to discover the historical and natural wonders of this land

Tuscany by motorbike: 4 itineraries for those who love freedom

The road in front of you, the air on your face, the fast-flowing landscape, the feeling of freedom: discovering a region like Tuscany by motorbike is an experience that deserves the trip. After giving you some advice on the best itineraries for trekking, let's see some of the most suitable ones for passionate bikers. The advice is to take several days and take it easy, making many stops to discover all that this area can offer. Happy reading and… good way!

The "Valley of Wonders": the Val d'Orcia by motorbike

Let's start immediately with the best of the best. Those who want to visit Tuscany by motorbike cannot miss a trip to discover the Val d'Orcia, which is considered one of the most magical valleys in the region, not surprisingly included since 2004 in the UNESCO World Heritage List and nicknamed as the "Valley of Wonders". This motorbike itinerary is recommended for those who are not in a hurry and for those who want to travel slowly through sinuous curves and gentle climbs. 

It.s about 80 kilometers, starting from Montalcino. The SP 14 in a short time - and after a few bends in the vineyards - will lead you to San Quirico d'Orcia. After a tour of the charming village, it's worth a detour to the famous cypress grove that rises in the middle of a hill: once you pass the town, going towards Torrenieri, you will find it easily, also thanks to the amount of motorbikes and cars parked along the road.

From the village of San Quirico, the road continues northwards, along the provincial 146 of Chianciano, up to Pienza, the ideal city of the Renaissance, a jewel to visit absolutely. After a break, continue towards the SR2 in the direction of Rome/Castiglione d'Orcia and then take the Strada di Bagno Vignoni, another must-see: the Piazza delle Sorgenti, the brick houses and the quiet give it a charm of the past. Before reaching the village, however, another tip for those who want a postcard photo, is a stop at the Chapel of the Madonna di Vitaleta, surrounded by wheat fields and rows of cypresses on a dirt road. A place that cannot be described in words, but only lived. Finally, out of the town, take the road to Castiglione d'Orcia - which deserves another stop - and again take the Provincial Road of the Badia di Sant'Antimo / SP: passionate bikers will not be able to miss the opportunity to reach the beautiful Abbazia di Sant'Antimo through a winding road that challenges Monte Amiata. Finally we arrive at the village of Radicofani.

Maremma by motorbike, between the wild hinterland and the sea in the eyes

Medieval villages, lively curves, crystal clear sea: Maremma is one of the wildest areas of Tuscany. To face this itinerary and, above all, not to miss anything, the advice is to divide it into two days, especially if you want to calmly explore the area and combine the trip with a visit to villages, wineries and typical restaurants. 

It starts from Scansano, in the province of Grosseto, which can be easily reached thanks to the Via Aurelia. Then continue south, heading to Pereta, a hamlet of Magliano in Toscana, of which it is still possible to admire the medieval urban layout, alternating with the traces of Etruscan settlements. A journey that promises, in addition to the beauty of the natural landscape, also numerous historical suggestions.

The Monastery of San Bruzio is worth a visit, before continuing towards the Tyrrhenian coast. Direction: the splendid Argentario promontory. A must, both for the breathtaking landscape views and for the curves and hairpin bends that will accompany you until your return to Orbetello. The advice is to draw the entire coastal perimeter to fully enjoy the indescribable beauty of this area, because it is one of the most beautiful Tuscan routes to do by motorbike. From there, we return to the Maremma hinterland, with destination Capalbio and Manciano, two villages that must be visited, and the famous Terme di Saturnia. From here the tour is a succession of villages and places of incredible beauty: from the medieval Semproniano and Rocchette di Fazio, the road leads to Roccalbegna, a small town that seems straight out of a fantasy novel as it stands at the foot of picturesque cliffs on which two fortifications rise, the Cassero Senese and the Rocca Aldobrandesca. It's time to end the journey and go back to Scansano, but first, why don't you take a last detour to the fascinating Montepò Castle?

From Siena to Rosignano Solvay: in the heart of Val d'Elsa

Siena, one of the jewels not only of Tuscany but of the world, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The next itinerary to discover this region by motorbike starts from here - where we have absolutely recommended what ​to visit - and then enters the splendid Val d'Elsa. 125 kilometers that connect Siena to Rosignano Solvay, with a journey aboard a two-wheeled vehicle that can take between two and a half and three hours. But as always we recommend taking numerous breaks, because the points of historical and naturalistic interest in this route are many. In fact, from Siena you can easily reach Monteriggioni, one of the most famous and best preserved walled villages in Italy, including the famous Via Francigena. The tour will then lead you to Colle Val D'Elsa, an ancient village famous for the production of crystal objects and, before arriving in San Gimignano, you can take a walk in Poggibonsi, located near the Chianti hills, and admire the ancient Fonte delle Fate. Pause over, it's time to continue towards San Gimignano, also a UNESCO World Heritage Site and with wonderful medieval architecture, so as to deserve the nickname "Manhattan of the Middle Ages" for its numerous towers.

From here you can take Via di Porta a Selci and head towards Via Aurelia Nord in Cecina, then towards Via Malta arriving at your destination: Rosignano Solvay, a real garden city near the Tyrrhenian Sea. In fact, you cannot miss a long stop on its white beaches, before starting again for the return.

Between Val di Cecina and Val di Cornia

The last itinerary takes us to discover the enchanting views between Val di Cecina and Val di CorniaVada is the starting point: following the SP39 you reach Cecina, a town of Etruscan origins: after a short stop, you can turn left towards the Variante Aurelia to take the Provincial 146. The road with gentle curves will allow you to admire slowly the hills and to discover, one after the other, suggestive medieval villages, such as Casale Marittimo and Guardistallo. This itinerary, in fact, is the perfect combination of nature and history: you will cross the magnificent Caselli Nature Reserve, arriving in Canneto, surrounded by woods and Mediterranean scrub. Then, deviating on the state road 329, you will reach the village of Monteverdi Marittimo and Castagneto Carducci, dominated by the medieval castle. After getting lost in the ancient streets of the villages, it's time to get bac on the roadk: take the "Bolgherese provincial road" and reach Bolgheri. The advice is to take out your phone or camera, because the famous cypress avenue is definitely worth a shot. Leaving Bolgheri behind, after a few kilometers you will find Bibbona, with its beautiful old town, and continue on to finally reach Cecina, from which you can retrace the route taken on the way back to the starting point.

Where to stay for a tour on the road

Whether for a weekend getaway or for the next vacation, Tuscany deserves to be discovered slowly. Because, in addition to the naturalistic and historical beauties, there is much more: flavors, scents, colors, in short, real unique sensory experiences, which would risk escaping you without the right breaks. Along the itineraries we have recommended you will find our Estates, ready to welcome you and give you an unforgettable stay. 

Poderina is located in Montalcino, the starting point for the motorbike itinerary of the Val d'Orcia. One night here, in one of the two apartments of 50 square meters, immersed in the absolute tranquility of the Tuscan countryside, and then leave the next morning for the wonders of one of the most beautiful valleys in Tuscany. This of course after a tasting of the wine excellences of the area, such as Rosso or Brunello di Montalcino or Moscadello di Montalcino. And if two wheels aren't enough, why not try four? The Estate offers the opportunity to visit the vineyards by off-road vehicle, for a unique and exciting experience. 

Near Siena, however, the Relais Villa Grazianella of Fattoria del Cerro, in Acquaviva, the largest private producer of Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, will be ready to welcome you. Eleven rooms with spectacular views of the vineyards, which will add a more enogastronomic touch to your tour to discover the Val d'Elsa: it would be a shame, in fact, to cross these lands without enjoying a guided tasting of the Vino Nobile Montepulciano DOCG produced on the estate, or a visit to Montepulciano, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. For those who want to discover this place more slowly, the advice is to put the motorbike aside, just for a moment, and take an e-bike instead: a ride through the white roads to discover the vineyards of the Estate will be that extra something to the your trip! 

Finally, in Monteverdi Marittimo, one of the villages visited on the itinerary to discover the Val di Cornia, is the ancient Monterufoli estate, not far from Pisa, and recently renovated with a fully heated breakfast room. Set in a wonderful natural park, among rolling hills and lignite and magnesite mines, this historic structure is the perfect place to regenerate from the fatigue of the journey, always in the name of tranquility and beauty that only the wildest and most unspoiled nature can offer. Added to this is the opportunity to enjoy the most authentic flavors that the area offers, such as the Vermentino di Toscana IGT or the “Poggio Miniera" Val di Cornia red DOCG, also thanks to a tasting of the fine wines from the cellar.


Did we convince you to get on your bikes and get on the road?​​​​



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